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What Does A Product Owner Do, Anyway?

A recent question in the scrumdevelopment group captured my imagination.  I had to write a response before sleeping.  Most of this post repeats my message in the group.  I’ve tried to polish it a bit for posterity. The Questions The original post in the group asked some hard questions about the role of the Product […]

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A Powerful Poster

We’ve seen the “motivational posters” on office walls.  These can be very valuable.  They also can be a target for snickers and dirision.  There’s even an entire market for “demotivational” posters! The best way to make sure a poster has value for your company or team is to start out with good information.  Platitudes don’t […]

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Retrospective Changes Culture First Time It’s Used

Recently a discussion kicked up in Twitter about picking the one, key Agile practice.  Obviously the answer can vary by situation, but the consensus I saw settled on the retrospective as the answer.  Declan Whelan, in reply to Esther Derby, seemed to say it best: @estherderby If there was only 1 agile practice what would […]

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