Team Coaching

Team Coaching engagements focus on the needs of one or multiple teams, deepening practical knowledge of Agile and Scrum in the real world.

Team Coaching is especially helpful for:

  • Newly-trained teams. Help the new knowledge “stick” with them in application.
  • Teams with challenges that lack the experience to solve impediments they are facing.
  • Stagnant teams that have reached a plateau in improvement and need a guide to take them to the next level.

Teams naturally stay in their comfort zones. Observation and custom feedback from an experienced eye can create breakthroughs in performance.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching provides organizations transitioning to Agile with the broad perspective needed for consistent understanding.

Agile Coaching provides expertise with:

  • Transitions to using Agile practices, including Scrum.
  • Team assessments and improvement guidance.
  • Value stream analysis and design.
  • Executive participation with creating the benefits of Agile.

By working with all levels of the organization, from operations and development teams to product planning and executive management, organizational impediments to success are discovered sooner.


Training provides “condensed experience,” allowing teams and organizations to leap ahead on the path to maturity.

Training is offered for:

  • Beginning teams to solidify knowledge.
  • Specific practices, such as planning or retrospectives.
  • Agile management practices
  • Scrum certification through Certified Training partners.
  • Custom topics to fill knowledge gaps or learn new techniques.

Training based on experiential activity increases learning by engaging tactile action along with visual instruction. Sessions based on knowledge of your company mean sessions that deliver on the needs specific to your situation.

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