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Gaming The Penny Game

Last month I had the opportunity to provide an Agile and Scrum class to a private client. We had a great day learning and having fun. At one point a clever developer threw a twist into one of the exercises that had me worried. Let me set the stage a bit. The Penny Game The Penny Game […]

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Agile Predictions for 2012

My friends at Integrum Technologies have a regular podcast they call The ScrumCast.  Once in a while they invite me to hang on the microphones with them.  Last January we did an episode of Agile Predictions for 2011. Well, we just had to follow-up this year to see how right (or wrong) we were and […]

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Phoenix Comes To Agile

I was invited last week to keynote a free Agile conference in downtown Phoenix.  Rally Software, AccuRev and Urban Code sponsored a half-day event called “Agile Comes To You.”  Obviously the purpose for them was to sell their products, which is good thing.  Previous experience at events put on by Rally assured me it would […]

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Mentors and Mentoring at Gangplank

I recently learned yet another something through Gangplank.  January is National Mentoring Month.  That gave me pause to think about what mentors have meant to me. My Mentors Don Dayley, my father – Taught me all the foundational things in life, including how to mow the lawn when I did not want to, sometimes through […]

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Posted On

About three years ago I attended my ScrumMaster Certification Workshop.  The course was enlightening and powerful to me, taught with great thoughtfulness by Michael Vizdos.  Since that time I have maintained contact with Mike and he has continued to provide guidance to my Agile teaching efforts. Recently Mike called for people to submit articles to […]

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Retrospective Changes Culture First Time It’s Used

Recently a discussion kicked up in Twitter about picking the one, key Agile practice.  Obviously the answer can vary by situation, but the consensus I saw settled on the retrospective as the answer.  Declan Whelan, in reply to Esther Derby, seemed to say it best: @estherderby If there was only 1 agile practice what would […]

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Developer Ignite 2 Video

Just a quick follow-up to my previous post. The videos of the Developer Ignite 2 presentations have been posted. Watch the video of my presentation, titled “The True Measure of Agile,” and tell me what you think! Abstract: The Agile wave is washing over the software development world and lapping at the shores of all […]

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Story Point Epiphany

The learning never stops.  Agile re-enforces this and creates the environment to foster it.  As an agile coach, the benefit of continuous learning is provided every day. Last week I conducted a workshop centered on the Product Backlog.  The focus was to help engineering understand the purpose, position and power of a properly groomed Product […]

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Minimizing Bad Effects of Special Projects

Agile frame works like Scrum define an iteration or sprint of two to four weeks.  This time is dedicated for the team to work tasks to complete a planned set of stories.  The team is not to be distracted from their sprint or iteration backlog.  This allows them the highest concentration possible during the iteration […]

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