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Velocity Moves Forward

Scrum and other Agile frameworks introduce the concept of “velocity” as a measure. Velocity a ratio of some work size (story points, ideal days, etc.) verses time measured as a sprint or iteration. So a team might say “We complete 26 story points per sprint.” Or a project manager might report “Our teams complete 224 […]

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Dynamic Scrum Team Leadership

The most popular post in this blog, by far, is “Scrum Teams Have a Team Lead.” The hits from Google indicate that many people are trying to figure out the role of team leader when applied to Scrum. I have had one comment on the post expressing a negative opinion of not having a single […]

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Work Stories, Not Tasks

Traditional or waterfall project management calls for definition of all tasks up front.  Each task has a “resource” (i.e. incorrect term for a person) assigned and an estimate for how long the task will take.  The task and the assignee are logical guesses that will likely come to pass, even if the task is less […]

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