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A Living Agile Product: The Hospital Patient

I recently had a sudden reason to do something I had not done since childhood. I went to the hospital as a patient. Surgery could not wait. I’m doing well now, moving on the road to full recovery. As I reflect back on the experience, I found things to learn about team work, skill boundaries […]

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Creative Sparks For All!

I have posted before about my involvement with Ignite Phoenix.  This powerful community and wonderful team of volunteer organizers helps keeps me energized.  Last February 11th I gave the introduction presentation to kick off Ignite Phoenix #9: [youtube=] Creative Sparks They are everywhere!  Right now, near you, is another person.  That person cares about something, […]

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Mentors and Mentoring at Gangplank

I recently learned yet another something through Gangplank.  January is National Mentoring Month.  That gave me pause to think about what mentors have meant to me. My Mentors Don Dayley, my father – Taught me all the foundational things in life, including how to mow the lawn when I did not want to, sometimes through […]

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Deep CSM Workshop

Last week I had the opportunity to be co-trainer in a Certified ScrumMaster Workshop.  Mike Vizdos was the Certified Scrum Trainer leading the session.  It was a small class with just four attendees.  And they were awesome attendees with major contributions to the discussion! I learned some interesting things that I’ll try to pass on […]

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Learning the Basics of Agile

Last week an attendee at my Gangplank presentation contacted me with an interesting question.  He wanted to learn more about Agile and Scrum.  He asked “Where do I start?” That is a hard question to answer.  Not for a lack of information, but because there is so much out there.  A great problem! To answer […]

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The Developer Ignite 2 Experience

Last night I presented at Developer Ignite 2.  What a great experience!  The friendly energy from the audience was powerfully supportive.  The organizers had everything smooth and rolling, with excellent after event food. The True Measure of Agile I’m passionate about Agile and the power it brings to the people who apply it as intended.  […]

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Olds and News

It’s been more than a month since updating here.  I have been very busy and the blog plays second fiddle to many other things.  This is also a “lazy” blog post.  So much has happened or is going on I’m going to do a “flash-back episode” to catch things up. Certified Scrum Practitioner The end […]

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Great PhxSUG Meeting September 24th

We had a great Phoenix Scrum User’s Group meeting last week.  Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson were in the valley presenting a ScrumMaster training class.  They kindly agreed to come speak to us one evening. I reported my impressions and notes of the meeting on the group website.  Head over there to see what I […]

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Ignite Phoenix: For the Agile Mind

In a previous post on volunteering, I metioned my work with Ignite Phoenix.  It is a powerful force for creativity, energy and bringing communities together. I attended Ignite Phoenix 1 more than a year ago.  I was blown away by the willingness of people to stand up and talk about thier passion, the support from […]

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Volunteering for Agile

I’ve spent my life participating in volunteer work.  It started when I was very young doing charitable things with my family and church.  It expanded to wider interests and included leadership opportunities too.  At 14-years old I served on an organizing committee for about 350 youth doing clean-up work on a large non-profit farm.  Several […]

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