After spending much of his career writing embedded software for industrial products, Alan discovered that his greatest strength lies in the communication part of software creation. His training in engineering and work in shrink-wrap applications, test systems and release management gave him a broad experience base in every phase of the software development life cycle.

When faced with release and support problems in 2007, Alan found solutions in the ideas of The Agile Manifesto and The Scrum Framework. The resulting conversation with the CTO/Founder changed Alan’s career. Soon he was spearheading his company’s transformation from adhoc waterfall to Scrum, going on to coach multiple Agile teams.

He now helps teams and companies find their own way of being Agile instead of just doing agile. Alan keeps his clients in the driver’s seat, providing navigational input from a fresh, knowledgeable perspective.

Alan lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and four children. If you know how to speak Portuguese, help him stay fluent with a verbal test. He seeks to create more “Ah-ha!” moments by expanding communities like the Phoenix Scrum User’s Group ( and Ignite Phoenix (