Phoenix Comes To Agile

I was invited last week to keynote a free Agile conference in downtown Phoenix.  Rally Software, AccuRev and Urban Code sponsored a half-day event called “Agile Comes To You.”  Obviously the purpose for them was to sell their products, which is good thing.  Previous experience at events put on by Rally assured me it would not be a “heavy sell,” so I was happy to have the opportunity to speak.

Business Value

The organizers suggested a presentation that would “show how Agile practices provided business value.”  Well, that’s certainly something that I promote and believe!  I used my year old presentation from a Brown Bag at Gangplank as a base to something better:

[slideshare id=7035573&doc=businessbenefitsofagile-110223150019-phpapp01]

Answering Questions

The event was very well attended.  The number of people looking, doing, implementing Agile practices in Phoenix is definitely on the rise!  The 15 minute question time after my presentation was filled with insightful discussion that showed experience.  Just before lunch, each vendor presenter and myself continued to answer questions as a panel.  We could have gone on and on I think, except lunch was ready.

I’m excited by what I saw at the event.  Many people working to improve, figuring out how Agile practices can benefit them and their work.  I hope they find the success they need, with me helping or not!

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