Presenting: The Dayley Agile, LLC Logo

I have been working with Stephanie at Bold Avenue to create a logo for my consulting entity, Dayley Agile, LLC.  I am very pleased with the result.  What do you think?

Dayley Agile, LLC logo

Partner Found

Months ago I knew I should get a logo.  I considered a self-made design or some other option.  My marketing and designer friends strongly recommended against such a course.  So, I needed to hire someone and help them understand what agile coaching was about.

The first time I spoke at Gangplank, a respected graphic designer was in the audience.  Stephanie “live tweeted” points from my presentation without  any request from me.  Later we spoke briefly of her interest in learning more about Agile and how it might apply to designers like herself.  Further conversations led to explore the possibilities of her helping create a logo.

Last September I led the AGL-101 Introduction to Agile and Scrum class at Gangplank.  To my delight, Stephanie was in attendance and excited to learn.  I was sure I found the right partner for this project.


Stephanie and I started the work with a face-to-face meeting.  She led the discussion, probing my thoughts about color, message and meaning for a logo.  She and I used phone, email and Twitter to keep track of concepts and ideas.  In the end, we iterated several times, zooming in on the right fit for me, the customer.

Stephanie may question how a graphic designer can be agile.  I must say, she is quite agile already!  Agile is about communication and feedback.  Setting a target that are steps to the goal and building on the results of each step.  For a team of two, the designer and the customer, agile simply looks like great customer service.  And that’s what agile should be!

This Saturday I will lead the AGL-101 class again.  This time I get to debut my new logo!

Thank you, Stephanie!


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  1. stephanie (LSL/Bold Avenue) December 16, 2010 at 12:42 PM # Reply

    Thank *you*, Alan! I so enjoyed working with you and learning from you! What a nice post!

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