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About three years ago I attended my ScrumMaster Certification Workshop.  The course was enlightening and powerful to me, taught with great thoughtfulness by Michael Vizdos.  Since that time I have maintained contact with Mike and he has continued to provide guidance to my Agile teaching efforts.

Recently Mike called for people to submit articles to his blog at  He uses cartoons to highlight and teach about Scrum and it’s use.  Accompanying each cartoon is his text educating about the point of the cartoon.  His invitation to guest post suggested going back through the older cartoons and writing your own commentary about the action in the strip.

I took him up on his generous offer.  I choose the cartoon Scrum = Scrum as my subject.  I took a different direction than Mike did, back when he originally wrote it.  I wrote on the current discussions about changing Scrum from it’s original definition.

He posted my guest article last week at Scrum = Scrum (It Still Is).  Please take a visit, read and comment on the value of “plain vanilla Scrum” in today’s working world.

Scrum = Scrum: Plain vanilla does not come in chocolate

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