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What Does A Product Owner Do, Anyway?

A recent question in the scrumdevelopment group captured my imagination.  I had to write a response before sleeping.  Most of this post repeats my message in the group.  I’ve tried to polish it a bit for posterity. The Questions The original post in the group asked some hard questions about the role of the Product […]

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“BDUF Scrum” – Don’t do it!

Finding the Theme I enjoy helping people with Scrum and Agile. The more I do it, the more I learn and enjoy it. Many of my recent in person and online encounters have had a similar flavor to them. I didn’t put my finger on it until this morning. In an online exchange people have […]

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Dynamic Scrum Team Leadership

The most popular post in this blog, by far, is “Scrum Teams Have a Team Lead.” The hits from Google indicate that many people are trying to figure out the role of team leader when applied to Scrum. I have had one comment on the post expressing a negative opinion of not having a single […]

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A Powerful Poster

We’ve seen the “motivational posters” on office walls.  These can be very valuable.  They also can be a target for snickers and dirision.  There’s even an entire market for “demotivational” posters! The best way to make sure a poster has value for your company or team is to start out with good information.  Platitudes don’t […]

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A Great Retrospective

Today is planning day for our largest team. After an interesting Sprint Review in the lab, we retired to the larger training room for the Sprint Retrospective. The feel in the room was largely up-beat but had some unspoken tension. I shifted gears quickly to start different than planned. I asked that we go around […]

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A Holistic View

A few weeks ago, lying in bed, waiting for my mind to turn off, my thoughts carried me to think about an Agile enterprise.  What would be important?  What would it look and feel like?  A diagram of concepts formed to define the general areas of focus for an Agile enterprise.  The next day I […]

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Work Stories, Not Tasks

Traditional or waterfall project management calls for definition of all tasks up front.  Each task has a “resource” (i.e. incorrect term for a person) assigned and an estimate for how long the task will take.  The task and the assignee are logical guesses that will likely come to pass, even if the task is less […]

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Shortest Time As “New Guy.” Ever!

Last week the VP and CTO of my division wanted to have a chat.  While not wholly unusual, it’s always a good thing when we chat!  Running out of time during the week, he suggested we meet for breakfast on Saturday morning.  (Liberty Market in Gilbert, Arizona, USA)  When the VP invites to Saturday breakfast, […]

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Scrum Teams Have A Team Lead

Many companies define positions by a list of “Roles, Responsibilities, Accountability and Authority.”  The RRAA concept is that every individual needs to have RRAA defined for them so everyone knows what each person is supposed to do.  This supports the common focus on individuals as “resources.”  (Funny how companies talk about the importance of teamwork […]

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Agile Team as a Product?

James Carr (@jamescarr, is an agile developer in Missouri, USA.  I met him through Twitter and hope to meet him in person one day.  A nice guy with usually good things to say! This morning James posed a question about sharing lessons learned between teams: Any quick suggestions on how to facilitate a retrospective […]

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