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Quick Impressions: Phoenix Agile Burndown

Yesterday morning some people from Rally Software were in town putting on a half-day mini-conference. This event was called the “Phoenix Agile Burndown” and brought together a diverse group of people from the Phoenix area. I just wanted to quickly document some of my impressions of the event. These are in no particular order, I’m […]

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Learning the Basics of Agile

Last week an attendee at my Gangplank presentation contacted me with an interesting question.  He wanted to learn more about Agile and Scrum.  He asked “Where do I start?” That is a hard question to answer.  Not for a lack of information, but because there is so much out there.  A great problem! To answer […]

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Guiding a Scrum Project Simulation for PhxSUG

I will be guiding the next Phoenix Scrum User Group meeting tomorrow, April 15th.  We will be doing a project simulation using Scrum.  It will be a fun opportunity to experience Scrum in action!  Discussions will help both novices and experienced Agile practitioners alike. Meeting details are available at the PhxSUG website, where you can […]

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December 10th Phoenix Scrum User’s Group Meeting

I wrote up a brief summary of my presentation experience at the PhxSUG Meeting.  Rather than repeat it here, go to the story on the group’s website for a read and comment if you like. Let me just repeat that the meeting was an awesome way to spend an evening.  Great discussions and smart people […]

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Product Owner Discussion at PhxSUG

I will be leading the presentation and discussion at the Phoenix Scrum User’s Group Meeting on Thursday, December 10, 2009. Come join us for free food and great discussion about the Product Owner role!

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Olds and News

It’s been more than a month since updating here.  I have been very busy and the blog plays second fiddle to many other things.  This is also a “lazy” blog post.  So much has happened or is going on I’m going to do a “flash-back episode” to catch things up. Certified Scrum Practitioner The end […]

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Great PhxSUG Meeting September 24th

We had a great Phoenix Scrum User’s Group meeting last week.  Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson were in the valley presenting a ScrumMaster training class.  They kindly agreed to come speak to us one evening. I reported my impressions and notes of the meeting on the group website.  Head over there to see what I […]

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The Phoenix Scrum User Group Kick-Off Meeting

A week ago today the Greater Phoenix Scrum User Group held their Kick-Off meeting.  It was an excellent start to what I hope will be a thriving community of Scrum and agile practitioners.  It was not without issues and liberal application of “inspect and adapt” should smooth out the bumps. Good Parts The meeting was […]

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