Certified ScrumMaster Workshop Nov 17-18

I continue to explore my coaching and training abilities.  Hopefully I am learning from those around me.  Next week will be great opportunity to learn from both my original ScrumMaster trainer and from many of you!

On Wednesday and Thursday, November 17-18 I will be co-teaching a Certified ScrumMaster Workshop.  I am not a Certified Scrum Trainer so Michael Vizdos will lead this workshop.  Participants will be ready to receive their ScrumMaster certification from the Scrum Alliance.  I’ll be his humble assistant as we help people improve their understanding of Scrum over those two days.

Mike Vizdos is known for his experience and thoughtful teaching style. He brings a great perspective of long experience and humor to the learning process. There is much to learn through the cartoons at his Implementing Scrum web site.  Several years ago Mike was the trainer for my own ScrumMaster certification.  He has since been a mentor for me, answering questions and continuing to be a guide through the difficult part of my Agile journey.  I am very excited for the opportunity to work with him in the classroom.

Register for the course with this link for $300 off the usual fee.

The course will be held in a modern classroom in historic downtown Chandler, Arizona.  Chandler is an easy 20 minute drive from central Phoenix.  The city is just finishing a series of downtown improvements with wide sidewalks and wonderful restaurants along the way.

Let me know if you are coming!

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