AGL-101 at Gangplank in September, 2010

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a four-hour workshop “Introduction to Agile and SCRUM” on Saturday, September 18th. At this no cost event, we’ll participate in exercises and discussion about the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum framework of agile project work.  The class will be held at Gangplank HQ in downtown Chandler, Arizona.

Gangplank Academy

Gangplank is a wonderful dream made real by Derek Neighbors, Jade Meskill and other community minded people.  It is community centered co-working at no cost, and therefore priceless.  Visit their site to learn more about their work.  Especially read the Gangplank Manifesto which, in my opinion, drives Agile values into the realm of community building.

One of the efforts of Gangplank is to provide education opportunities for the community.  They work to provide the infrastructure for people to share expertise and learn from one another.  Regular business and technical “brown bag” sessions happen every week.  Other conferences and events are scheduled regularly.  All of these events together are create The Gangplank Academy where learning on many subjects and for all ages takes place.  This workshop is designated as “AGL-101” since it is part of the classes of Gangplank Academy.


I am hoping for a great mix of Agile and Scrum knowledge as well as a mix of work focus in this class.  Software projects have traditionally been the focus of Scrum application.  This is logical since it was created from that industry.  However, creators of software product aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Agile values and Scrum.  Management, marketing, operations and other facets of the business of production can be improved by application of high interaction and clear communication.  I encourage you to invite your peers and people “outside” of software and engineering work to spend this bit of time to learn with us.


The event is available on Facebook.  If you would, please RSVP on the page.  This will help us plan for the proper room and tailor the class appropriately.  Comment on the event page too.  All the communication we can get helps us help you!

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