The Developer Ignite 2 Experience

Last night I presented at Developer Ignite 2.  What a great experience!  The friendly energy from the audience was powerfully supportive.  The organizers had everything smooth and rolling, with excellent after event food.

The True Measure of Agile

Alan Dayley brings out my favorite current marketecture word:... on Twitpic I’m passionate about Agile and the power it brings to the people who apply it as intended.  I’m also frustrated by strong evidence that many who speak the words of Agile development are only wrapping the same old practices in buzz.  This is very bad for Agile and developers everywhere.  So many times I’ve talked to engineers who “did Agile” or “did Scrum” and then proceed to describe a broken and painful experience of micro-management or loosely controlled chaos to failure.  Coaching someone back from such a false agile implementation is often harder than pulling them out of waterfall.

The goal of my presentation was to point people back to the Agile Manifesto, to consider that there are meanings and values behind those words.  Pick a framework, like Scrum or XP.  Combine with practices like TDD and continuous integration.  Do your “stand-up” meeting sitting down if you want.  But make sure you check against the Agile Manifesto to keep driving to what Agile really means.  That if those values are promoted by what you are doing, whatever it is, you are on the “true Agile” path.

My slides are available below for download and reuse.  Because the Ignite format allows only 15 seconds per non-stop slide, there are few words, if any, on most of them.  Perhaps you will find better words than mine to fill in!  Let me know what you think of the message you get from them.  The video will be posted soon at the event web page.  Then you can compare what you thought to what I said.

What I Learned

All of the presentations were great! A few points that stood out for me were:

  • Tomasz Stechly (@tstechly) introduced me to the concept and benefits of immutable code.  I’m now sorry to say it’s not a technique I have looked into very much.
  • Derek Neighbors (@dneighbors) highlighted that we have too much information to slog through every day and that geo-location is one of the ways we can filter the flood to get at what is relevant where we are standing right now.
  • Leo Godin (@leogodin217) re-enforced many of the things I read about getting to done and giving what the customer wants, a solution.
  • Clayton Lengel-Zigich (@claytonlz) told 10 fables from Aesop and applied each of them to software development, including pair programming and TDD!

All of the presentations were great! I said that already and I’ll say it again, if anyone asks.  Such talent in the Phoenix area!

Thank You

I give thanks to everyone who sponsored, organized, promoted and spoke.  Especially I thank the audience for an awesome experience!

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  1. Clayton Lengel-Zigich November 12, 2009 at 12:40 PM # Reply

    Thanks for the shout out! I thought you did a great job of explaining the difference between big “A” and little “a” Agile. Good stuff!

  2. Gina Bovara November 12, 2009 at 2:40 PM # Reply

    Great blog, Alan! It was very nice to meet you last night and you did a fantastic job presenting! Kudos!


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